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The human face of immigration

Elizabeth Cantú has interviewed immigrants from Eastern Europe and Canada to create a series of digital stories that illustrate their personal experiences in the process of immigrating.

Capturing change (3)

Nadia Sablin tells the story of home foreclosures on a personal level through photography as part of the Phoenix Transect project.

Capturing change (1)

Watch the Valley of the Sun transform through a series of photos taken over the course of a century. ASU photography professor Mark Klett talks about the Phoenix Transect project and his work in “rephotography.”

Cinematic geography

People narrate their lives through stories, especially as they age. Kevin McHugh has found that the cinema offers a compelling laboratory for examining this process.

Editorial economies

Scholarship is all about extending the frontier of human knowledge. Publication is a crucial part of scholarship. Researchers share what they learn in a written discourse with other scholars. At ASU, editors at the Office of Scholarly Journals work to make the sharing process easier.