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Medieval bestseller explores morality through science

Can your eyes expose your sins? Does refraction apply to a person's soul? An ASU English professor explores a 13th century text uniting science and religion.

Connecting with Neal A. Lester

A conversation with Project Humanities director Neal Lester on everything from notions of "professional" hair to the subtext he finds in all forms of literature to his research on the "n-word."

Book explores promise, pitfalls of personalized medicine

Is personalized medicine all it's cracked up to be? ASU author Lee Gutkind finds out.

Student dives into digital literary publishing

An ASU undergrad's blog investigates the digital evolution of literary presses.

Cultural conservation: Keeping languages alive

When a language ceases to be spoken in its homeland, it is at risk of vanishing forever. The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe is partnering with ASU researchers to preserve the Mojave language for future generations.

Through the eyes of animals

We share the world with them, but do we really know what it's like to be an animal? Ron Broglio explores the limits of human understanding of the animal world.

Award-winning book focuses on human relation to design

An ASU professor is recognized for his research on the relationship between human culture and certain objects.

Students design LightWorks lab

Architecture graduate students discuss how they incorporate light and landscape into designing a lab for researchers studying light and the environment.

Musical anatomy: the organ

Music Professor Kimberly Marshall performs and talks about the organ, an instrument with a large body of work and a long history.

When the water came: Evacuees of Hurricane Katrina

A new book of poetry and photos tells the stories of evacuees from Hurricane Katrina.