Cooking and theater-making as part of the ASU CENAS program empowers participants to connect to their cultural heritage and make healthy behavior changes.
Kelsey Wharton
March 29, 2016
Whether they are creating training tools for surgeons or assistive devices for the visually impaired, ASU students in the CUbiC lab are enhancing other people’s abilities while developing their own.
Allie Nicodemo
March 18, 2016
What if we could detect diseases before symptoms even appear? Spurred by ASU’s culture of innovation, a spinout company is developing technology that could revolutionize health care.
Joe Caspermeyer
March 15, 2016
Chemicals we use every day often evade current water treatment processes, threatening the security of our water supply.
Kirk Davis
October 11, 2015
ASU social scientists are asking bariatric surgery patients to share their experiences with obesity and weight loss.
Erin Barton
October 07, 2015