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Measuring glucose with tears

Undergraduate students at ASU are seeking new technologies to help diabetics, like measuring glucose levels in tears rather than blood.

Student contributes to cancer detection

Undergraduate Paul Akhenblit tests protein molecules in an effort to improve cancer diagnosis--perhaps even before symptoms arise.

Homeless in the heat

Imagine having no relief from the unrelenting Phoenix heat. For thousands of homeless people, that's not an unthinkable experience - it's daily life.

Dollars for diseases: Where do they come from?

Finding funding to research some diseases can be more difficult than for others. An ASU grad looked at which diseases received favorable attention and why.

Slimming down childhood obesity

Experts in nursing, psychology and engineering are coming together to provide more individualized approaches to childhood obesity.

Caring for caregivers

Family caregivers devote their lives to the loved ones they care for, despite the heavy toll it can take on their health.

Fighting addiction with algorithms

How could an engineering concept help someone quit smoking or improve relationships between parents and their children?

New perspectives on obesity

An anthropologist and an economist look at obesity as more than just a calories-in, calories-out equation.

Ultrasonic stimulation

A little rock 'n' roll might be good for the brain. William "Jamie" Tyler studies ultrasound as a therapy for neurological, psychiatric and developmental disorders.

Soundscape: Death Valley Cycle 2

Richard Lerman recorded Death Valley Cycle 2, a sound/video installation, to mark eight years of living with cancer.