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ASU Discovers: Promoting prevention

ASU researchers are combining theater, cooking demonstrations and hands-on learning to transform the way people think about food.

Gut reaction: Morality in food choice

How do you decide what to eat? ASU researchers from diverse backgrounds discuss how food is connected to ethics.

Discovery Cafe: Food environment/food choice

Nutrition professor Christopher Wharton discusses the health and environmental effects of our food choices at OKED's inaugural Discovery Cafe.

Cultivating the food desert

Phoenix may be located in the desert, but certain areas are also considered food deserts. Without access to grocery stores, residents must find alternative ways to get affordable and nutritious foods.

Local foods get more accessible

It's easier than ever to support the local food movement and reap all the benefits of buying fresh foods from your community farmers market.

Food for (happy) thought

Many of today's foods are fortified with omega-3 fatty acids. What is this nutrient, and should you be increasing your intake?

The political economy of food

The imbalance of food distribution throughout the world inspired undergraduate Jaron Reed to study the environmental and socioeconomic implications of the fast-food industry.

In good taste: Research explores food preferences

How do we get kids to eat their veggies, and even like them? Are kids who hate vegetables doomed to become meat-and-potatoes adults? And what makes some people actually love Brussels sprouts, anyway?