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Boogüd: Bamboo bicycles

In many parts of the world, rough terrain limits the mobility of people in wheelchairs. ASU students created an innovative hand-cycle to solve this problem as part of a class project.

Edson team “Kinects” health care with high tech

Students and entrepreneurs use video game technology to gauge and improve the healing process of physical therapy patients. (Photo by wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock.com)

Student innovation on display

ASU students are finding creative ways to solve global challenges, from poor communities in Mexico to education reform here in the U.S.

Powered by poo

A team of engineering students have found a way to make use of dog poo while saving money and benefiting the environment.

AzTE: Taking technology to the market

Turning ideas into products and services requires expertise in business, marketing and law. Arizona Technology Enterprises helps move ASU inventions into the marketplace.

ASU innovation challenge: GoTiming

GoTiming was developed by ASU students as an affordable alternative to the costly timing systems used in athletic events like running and cycling.

Sweet empowerment

Sweet Inde is a student-owned bakery that empowers people with disabilities to gain competitive community employment.

Cleaning up with research

Student Zach Hamilton started an eco-friendly power-washing business with help from ASU entrepreneurship programs.

Working toward "Iron Man"

A group of ASU bioengineering students is developing an eye-tracking system by fitting a non-prescription contact lens with miniscule magnets that move with movements of the pupil.

Sustainable skin care

An ASU student creates skin care products using natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging.