ASU secured 160 utility patents in 2022 for a variety of innovations, from highly efficient power electronics to a flexible wearable robotic device.
Michelle Stermole
September 12, 2023
Dodenhoff brings to the role a passion for impact, a wealth of experience and a focus on empowering entrepreneurs at every stage.
Mikala Kass
July 26, 2023
ASU secured 160 patents in 2022 for inventions such as prosthetic limbs, a power-generating brick, foldable quadrotors and a violin shoulder rest with haptic feedback.
Michelle Stermole
May 18, 2023
Medical technology and service startups from Spain, France, Kenya, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the United States participate in a boot camp to bolster product quality, efficiency and speed to their products and services to market.
March 20, 2023
At Arizona State University’s Knowledge Enterprise, we venture beyond traditional approaches to tackle complex issues. We are dedicated to changing the way the world solves problems to support thriving people, a thriving planet and a thriving society.
December 12, 2022