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ASU innovation challenge: GoTiming

GoTiming was developed by ASU students as an affordable alternative to the costly timing systems used in athletic events like running and cycling.

Fighting addiction with algorithms

How could an engineering concept help someone quit smoking or improve relationships between parents and their children?

Collaboration builds note-taker

A team of students from the Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing in the Fulton Schools of Engineering has created a technology device to assist low-vision students with note taking.

Forging the gears of research

Completing about 300 jobs a year, Engineering Technical Services’ Instrument and Prototype Machine Shop supports ASU students and professors by crafting custom parts and devices for research.

Student's work destined for the deep

ASU undergraduate Colin Ho is helping to design a miniature submarine that will be used to explore sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica.

Jazzy circumnavigator

Steve Limpert is an ASU student who plays the trumpet and studies electrical engineering. As a recipient of the Circumnavigator's Club Award, he will travel to 6 countries to research organic solar cells.

Home for Hope offers shelter from the storm

Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina inspired Home for Hope, a project developed by ASU students. The venture aims to ease housing shortages by providing durable, mobile shelter units to those in need.

Working toward "Iron Man"

A group of ASU bioengineering students is developing an eye-tracking system by fitting a non-prescription contact lens with miniscule magnets that move with movements of the pupil.

Converting sunlight into electricity

ASU graduate students and researchers are creating organic solar cells to make electricity using sunlight.

Girls got game

Betty Hayes believes that computer science is male dominated in part because boys play more computer games. She is helping girls get involved in modding games so that they can build valuable skills and support networks.