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Undergraduates blaze path for research in ASU’s newest facility

Undergraduate student Bethany Smith is helping to develop nanoscale batteries in a new lab in ISTB 4.

ASU Discovers: Harnessing the sun

Enough solar energy reaches the Earth to meet our demand for electricity many times over. ASU scientists are working to provide sustainable and affordable solar power.

Boogüd: Bamboo bicycles

In many parts of the world, rough terrain limits the mobility of people in wheelchairs. ASU students created an innovative hand-cycle to solve this problem as part of a class project.

New research could offer better cell reception at lower cost

ASU engineers made an important discovery that will help improve cell phone reception and increase the carrying capacity of cell towers.

New tool could prevent SIDS

ASU student Peter Seymour adapted a guitar sensor to detect an infant's heartbeat. The technology could potentially be used to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

Mixed reality rehabilitation

Artists and engineers are working together to help rehabilitate stroke survivors.

Prasad Boradkar: Designing things

Prasad Boradkar talks about the art and science of designing the products people use every day.

Plane soars with solar power

A team of engineering students has created an unmanned aerial vehicle powered by the sun.

Engineering transportation

ASU researchers are working on improving the Valley's transportation infrastructure using integrated model systems.

Researchers create helping hands

Robotic hands can perform tasks that help people and advance research. Researchers at ASU's Biomechatronics Lab are trying to improve the functionality and control of artificial hands.