An ASU student startup called NextPotential aims to change the energy game with its carbon recycling technology.
Allie Nicodemo
August 03, 2015
Natasa Vulic works to improve the efficiency of solar cells to meet the growing energy demand, as well as using her own tireless energy to run up to 90 miles a week on ASU's cross-country team.
Perla Farias
July 17, 2013
For a long-term energy solution, we need to mimic nature. ASU scientists have developed a bioreactor that uses photosynthesis to grow cyanobacteria for biofuel.
Laura Palmisano
July 13, 2013
Enough solar energy reaches the Earth to meet our demand for electricity many times over. ASU scientists are working to provide sustainable and affordable solar power.
January 08, 2013