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Research-based tech helps education get smart

Arizona's education system has significant room for improvement. Researchers at ASU are finding innovative solutions through new technologies.

Professors challenge beliefs about learning to write

Two ASU professors that specialize in writing instruction discuss why writing is a notoriously difficult subject to teach in grades K-12.

The power of play

Video and computer games provide entertainment to millions of people all over the world. ASU researchers are tapping into this potential to use games as tools for education.

ASU institute advances learning

ASU's new Learning Sciences Institute will help us understand how people learn and develop tools and techniques to advance learning.

Bane of the brain: Challenges of gifted education

Like many other commonly held beliefs about gifted education, it’s a myth that gifted kids always thrive in the classroom. In fact, they often face challenges that non-gifted children never encounter.

Girls got game

Betty Hayes believes that computer science is male dominated in part because boys play more computer games. She is helping girls get involved in modding games so that they can build valuable skills and support networks.

Computer games can teach schools some lessons

Games like Civilization or even the notorious Grand Theft Auto are complex problem-solving spaces. James Gee says we can learn a lot about teaching from these virtual environments.