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Leveling up literacy

Educational writing games developed by an ASU professor deliver critical skills while students have fun.

Locally tailored programs put peer pressure in its place

Culturally relevant interventions developed at ASU empower young people to evade the peer pressure that can lead to substance abuse.

HEEAP helps Vietnam reengineer education

ASU partners with Intel and USAID to help Vietnamese universities develop world-class engineering programs for an emerging knowledge-based economy.

CompuGirls plants the seeds of STEM careers

Girls in high-needs school districts lack the technology classes and resources needed to succeed in STEM careers. ASU's CompuGirls program is helping to level the playing field.

Education Innovation Summit

Over the past six years, the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit, co-hosted by Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley, has become the premier event in education innovation.

Research-based tech helps education get smart

Arizona's education system has significant room for improvement. Researchers at ASU are finding innovative solutions through new technologies.

International scholars bring a world of perspective to ASU

The J-1exchange visitor program gives ASU faculty and students the opportunity to build relationships with universities around the world.

Professors challenge beliefs about learning to write

Two ASU professors that specialize in writing instruction discuss why writing is a notoriously difficult subject to teach in grades K-12.

The power of play

Video and computer games provide entertainment to millions of people all over the world. ASU researchers are tapping into this potential to use games as tools for education.

ASU institute advances learning

ASU's new Learning Sciences Institute will help us understand how people learn and develop tools and techniques to advance learning.