A seismic shift in advanced technology is on the way. The Quantum Collaborative is Arizona State University’s answer to this upheaval, uniting quantum technology research efforts and developing a prepared workforce.
Pete Zrioka
November 01, 2022
Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. How can you protect yourself online and what can we do about cybersecurity challenges? ASU experts Jamie Winterton and Nadya Bliss give simple steps and advice this cyber awareness month.
Oliver Dean
October 24, 2022
Cybersecurity is critical to national security, and ASU is filling the need through hands-on experience, innovative education and world-class research.
Oliver Dean
October 10, 2022
ASU answers the cybersecurity challenges through renewed efforts that will act as the one-stop shop for all cyber interests.
Oliver Dean
February 02, 2022
Thanks to its top-notch facilities, researchers and graduates, ASU is helping turn Arizona into a microelectronics hub. Here, ASU experts share insights about this surreal field of microchips the size of dust mites, water too clean to drink, delicately layered wafers, desperate global demand and a renewable energy revolution.
Mikala Kass
January 18, 2022