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Big, bigger, biggest: Data in the digital age

Advances in technology are generating vast quantities of data. The "big data" enables new research and personalized experiences, but poses challenges for privacy and security.

Bullying 2.0: Cyberbullying takes aggression online

Just as our social lives have moved online so have our social problems. Tony Roberto studies cyberbulling in order to reduce its prevalence and teach people how to deal with digitally based aggression.

Beyond GamerGate: Addressing anti-feminist violence online

Every day, marginalized groups face threats to their personal security online. ASU professor Jacqueline Wernimont has joined with activists and academics to fight back.

Research-based tech helps education get smart

Arizona's education system has significant room for improvement. Researchers at ASU are finding innovative solutions through new technologies.

Mining for extremism

A tool developed at ASU analyzes websites and social media to study potentially dangerous extremist movements.

The power of play

Video and computer games provide entertainment to millions of people all over the world. ASU researchers are tapping into this potential to use games as tools for education.

I3DEA lab

The Image 3D Data Exploitation & Analysis Lab uses geometric modeling, graphics and processing to seek real world solutions using 3D applications.

Engineering transportation

ASU researchers are working on improving the Valley's transportation infrastructure using integrated model systems.

Virtual world tackles social issues

Middle- and high-school girls are addressing social issues through technology in the CompuGirls program.

Flexible Computer Displays

The Flexible Display Center is a government/industry/academia partnership that’s advancing full-color flexible display technology and fostering development of a manufacturing ecosystem to support the rapidly growing market for flexible electronic displays.