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Carbon Q&A

What does carbon have to do with climate? And why should we care?

Carbon policy—Think globally, act locally

Why is it so difficult to enact policies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions? ASU researchers explain some of the challenges.

The breathing ocean

Susanne Neuer is a marine biologist at ASU who studies the ocean's role in mitigating the effects of climate change, and the microscopic organisms that make it possible for oceans to absorb excess atmospheric CO2.

Series: Carbon and climate change

ASU researchers are working on new approaches to addressing climate change related to the most abundant human-produced greenhouse gas--carbon dioxide.

Creating resilient cities: ASU UREx SRN

ASU is leading a team of 50 researchers and practitioners from 15 different institutions to help make urban infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather events.

Resilient cities: From fail-safe to safe-to-fail

ASU’s UREx Sustainability Research Network is exploring how extreme weather events affect urban infrastructure and how we can make cities more resilient.

Sustainability, one building at a time

Researchers at Arizona State University have turned their attention to making buildings more sustainable by figuring out how to save energy and use materials with less negative impact.

eEcosphere app helps people live more sustainably

When it comes to solving a big problem like climate change, where do you start? ASU researchers have created eEcosphere, a sustainability-focused social media application and service.

Changing climate in your own backyard

We've all heard of global climate change, but Ben Ruddell looks at climate on a much smaller level. He studies microclimates, which can range in size from a garden or yard to a park or neighborhood.

Too hot to handle

Phoenix in the summer is hot all around. But low-income neighborhoods are even hotter than wealthy enclaves. How can this be?