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Capturing change (3)

Nadia Sablin tells the story of home foreclosures on a personal level through photography as part of the Phoenix Transect project.

The art of life

Advances in microscopy and bioimaging have paved the way for advances in everything from medicine to computers. But the images seen through a microscope's lens are more than just useful. Often, they are quite beautiful. These days, they are also advancing art.

Show me yours: Sex and marriage in early modern art

Diane Wolfthal peeps into people's bedrooms--15th century bedrooms, to be exact. By examining paintings that depict couples and the marital bed, she hopes to learn about how ideas of sex and gender have changed over the years.

Lending a voice to fire, ice, canyons, forests

Stephen J. Pyne doesn't begin his writings on wildland fires by analyzing his audience, as most writers are advised to do. Likening the "general reader" to the myth of the Sasquatch, this author of nearly 20 books says he focuses on establishing a strong voice instead. (part two in a three-part series)

Synchronized swimmers in the gene pool

This stereo image of fungal cell nuclei in the process of dividing was one of several microscopic images displayed in an art exhibit at the Tilt Gallery in Phoenix.