Artists and engineers are working together to help rehabilitate stroke survivors.
Justine Garcia, Alexander D. Chapin and Gitzel Puente
November 18, 2011
We share the world with them, but do we really know what it's like to be an animal? Ron Broglio explores the limits of human understanding of the animal world.
Allie Nicodemo
October 27, 2011
How are Haitians coping one year after the earthquake? In a recent trip to Haiti, two ASU professors discovered how art plays an important role in their lives.
Gitzel Puente
May 02, 2011
Steve Limpert is an ASU student who plays the trumpet and studies electrical engineering. As a recipient of the Circumnavigator's Club Award, he will travel to 6 countries to research organic solar cells.
Gitzel Puente
March 21, 2011
Architecture graduate students discuss how they incorporate light and landscape into designing a lab for researchers studying light and the environment.
Alexander D. Chapin and Gitzel Puente
March 16, 2011