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CENAS sets the stage for setting a healthy table

Cooking and theater-making as part of the ASU CENAS program empowers participants to connect to their cultural heritage and make healthy behavior changes.

Student company offers locally sourced ceramic coatings

Chemistry and art may seem like an unlikely intersection from which to launch a business, but for two Arizona State University entrepreneurs, it’s the perfect place.

Defining life and love from behind bars

ASU art professor Gregory Sale knows that love means different things to different people. His work engages the community to explore themes of love, freedom and justice.

Passion for the piano

Doctoral student Mauricio Arias is composing a double concerto for trumpet, piano and chamber orchestra.

ASU Discovers: Promoting prevention

ASU researchers are combining theater, cooking demonstrations and hands-on learning to transform the way people think about food.

Seeing science with an artist's eye

Neuroscientist Heather Bimonte-Nelson uses paint on canvas to explain her research in a way that words can't.

The Bus Project: Teresa Miró

Artist Teresa Miró tells the stories of people who ride the Phoenix bus system through words and illustrations.

Mixed reality rehabilitation

Artists and engineers are working together to help rehabilitate stroke survivors.

Through the eyes of animals

We share the world with them, but do we really know what it's like to be an animal? Ron Broglio explores the limits of human understanding of the animal world.

Haiti: The art of recovery

How are Haitians coping one year after the earthquake? In a recent trip to Haiti, two ASU professors discovered how art plays an important role in their lives.