Space Planning

OKED works with university planners, the Capital Programs Management Group, the Office of the University Architect and appropriate provosts/deans to ensure sufficient high-quality space for research programs.

Space Planning

Planning for research space is guided by ASU’s goal to double research productivity by 2020. Due to the long lead-times necessary for facilities construction, it is important to have long-term plans to ensure success.

Research Space Allocation

Research buildings are owned and controlled by ASU to promote research. Space in research buildings is allocated by the President and the Provost, in consultation with the Office of the University Planner and the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED), to schools and colleges for assignment through the deans and their representatives.

Research space allocation decisions are guided by the following principles: (1) research space must be highly productive on a per-square-foot basis, (2) all things being equal, the university will benefit by locating faculty with substantial funding or substantial funding potential in the highest quality research space, (3) it is highly advantageous that lab placements promote research collaborations and make good use of building special features.

Research space should be requested through the academic unit or institute director/dean.