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ASU researchers benefit from a broad range of shared tools and services. The Research Infrastructure & Facilities Group is committed to supporting the facilities that manage these resources and to connecting our researchers with the tools needed for success.

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What is a recharge center?

Recharge centers are entities within the university that provide fee-based services to researchers. Most commonly, these are laboratory-based core facilities, but a variety of non-laboratory recharge centers also exist. Although recharge centers typically offer services to non-ASU customers, the majority of their users are ASU affiliates.

To determine if a unit qualifies as a recharge center, please consult the guide found here.

I'd like to set up a new recharge center. How do I get started?

A process guide can be found here

Additionally, if institutional support is needed (from the new center's  department, college, OKED, etc) use this business plan template.

I have equipment that is available for shared use. How can I advertise this?

The equipment can be advertised on the ASU Shared Resources site, with or without a fee for use. If you charge a fee, this will be considered a recharge center. Please contact your unit recharge coordinator (add link to OKED RFI webpage with contact info) or send a note to for assistance.

How do I request cost-share from OKED for a grant to add resources to a core lab?

Please submit the following to the director of Research Infrastructure and Facilities, a minimum of two months before the grant deadline: 1) description of the grant opportunity, 2) summary of the equipment, etc. to be requested, and an assessment of the value of the equipment to ASU research, 3) a description of the current availability of similar resources to ASU resarchers, 4) justification for the amount of the request (e.g. equipment quotes) and documentation of the need for cost-share, 5) description of any additional space or renovation needs, 6) letter from the unit chair or dean supporting the request, 7) grant deadline, and 8) a business plan for the core lab.

How do I find and schedule shared equipment?

The OKED Shared Resources site is a great place to start. There you'll find shared tools, equipment and services available to ASU researchers.

How can a recharge center manager accumulate funds for replacing equipment?

Recharge center capital equipment (purchase price more than $5,000, useful life more than one year) can be depreciated with standard, straight-line depreciation, and the value of this depreciation included when calculating rates for internal users. If the capital equipment was purchased with non-federal funds and it is not included in the university's F&A rate, then funds collected from internal users equal to such depreciation can be accumulated for future capital purchases. Additionally, external users can be charged for overhead (indirect costs) and additional premiums can be accumulated for this purpose. Click here for further details.

How is equipment useful life determined?

ASU Property Control maintains a list of useful lives. This was developed originally from federal schedules. It has since been updated to account for changes in technology and to reflect real-world cradle-to-grave analysis of ASU equipment. Useful lives assigned to specific assets are recorded in the Property Control database. This is accessible via MyReports. Here is a link to request access to MyReports.

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Recharge Center Setup, Review & Policies

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