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Knowledge Enterprise

Advancing research, innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships at ASU

We are changing the way the world solves problems.

Driving discovery, innovation and solutions

Knowledge Enterprise is the engine that drives discovery and innovation at Arizona State University, one of the fastest growing research institutions in the U.S. We empower researchers, forge partnerships, invest in our communities and pioneer interdisciplinary thinking. Our goal is not simply to find solutions, but to fundamentally reshape how the world solves problems.



Our impact

Arizona State University is a global leader in interdisciplinary research, discovery and development. Our rapid growth and top rankings demonstrate our success at delivering new knowledge and solutions that support thriving people, a thriving planet and thriving societies.

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2022 year in review

ASU researchers are exploring new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, helping humans team up with robots in space, ensuring a sustainable water supply for Arizona and more.

$797 million

ASU has expanded its research enterprise more than sixfold in the past 20 years, reaching $797 million in research expenditures in FY 2022.

200+ companies

More than 200 companies have launched based on ASU innovations, attracting $1.2 billion in external funding.

#1 in innovation

For the ninth year in a row, U.S. News & World Report named ASU the most innovative school in the U.S. in its 2024 college rankings, ahead of MIT and Stanford.

Spotlight: Space exploration

Illustration depicting NASA's Psyche spacecraft as it approaches the asteroid Psyche.

6 things to know about ASU’s asteroid-exploring NASA Psyche mission

The first-ever mission to study a metal-rich asteroid, the ASU-led Psyche mission aims to help scientists learn more about the formation of rocky bodies in our solar system.

An artist’s rendering shows astronauts in spacesuits on the moon near a landing craft.

ASU spinout company blasts off

Swift Coat, a startup founded by an ASU faculty member and alumnus, is developing an anti-fog coating for NASA’s xEMU spacesuit for Artemis moon missions.

Webb telescope infrared image of the galaxy cluster El Gordo, showing hundreds of galaxies

Webb Telescope reveals distant objects behind ‘El Gordo’ galaxy cluster

Webb has captured a new image of distant and dusty objects never seen before, which are amplified behind the most massive and distant galaxy cluster known as “El Gordo.”

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Whether you need help finding funding opportunities, crafting a proposal or commercializing your discoveries — ASU supports researchers through the entire research cycle.

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We can accomplish more together. Find out how you can create customized partnerships with ASU that help your organization thrive.

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Gain career experience

Students are vital to our ecosystem of research, entrepreneurship and innovation. Find opportunities to apply your coursework to hands-on projects and real-world challenges.

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Philanthropy plays an important role in creating knowledge, pioneering discovery and catalyzing innovation. Learn how your gift can advance our work.

Be a part of ASU Knowledge Enterprise

Advance your career while making a difference. Knowledge Enterprise employees support research and innovation that benefits our communities and our world. And they enjoy generous and broad benefits including health and life insurance, retirement, tuition reduction and much more.